About Wedesserts.com

About wedesserts.com

This is the bio I often send to editors when they publish my articles:

Thei Zervaki is a citizen of the world who writes about one-of-a-kind foods, distant lands, and food poetry. She loves culinary history books, strong coffee, and a glass of Riesling on hot nights. Find her at wedesserts.com and on Pinterest @wedesserts.

I started wedesserts.com because most people love desserts, sugary treats, and pastries. Desserts are way far more appealing, photogenic, and crowd-pleaser compared to the savory siblings. They also look pretty!

I am not a sweet tooth. In fact, I like savory snacks more than sweets, candies, and cakes! Having said that, I made my first chocolate “salami” at the age of 8! Somehow, desserts seemed easier to make with the eyes of a child than big, intimidating dishes. I continued making cakes and sweet treats throughout my teenage years. During my early adult life, I gave up cooking as I enjoyed food in the premises of restaurants, cafes, taverns, and bars. I occasionally went back in the kitchen to test something “interesting” or just to produce the mundane dish.

Check out one of my favorite recipes here

I traveled in nearly 50 countries where I had the chance to experience local foods and dishes. I wrote about food for several publications from CNN.com to Huffingtonpost.com. I wrote about Cruffin in Australia and the Mango festival in Miami. The treats in Nepal to the trends during the Fancy Food Festival and street food in Singapore’s Hawker centers. You can see my portfolio here: https://theizervaki.contently.com/

about wedesserts.com
cruffin in Melbourne Lune Croissanterie

I hope you enjoy some of recipes, and some tips on desserts during your travels.

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Thanks for reading!

Thei Zervaki