Best Dessert Spots in McMinnville

These are the Best Dessert Spots in McMinnville, a charming town in Oregon. Renowned for its wineries, particularly the Pinot Noir variety, and delightful sparkling wines, McMinnville offers unique dessert spots and bakeries to satisfy your sweet cravings. With a variety of options including crisp cookies, fluffy cake slices, and buttery pastries, there is something for everyone.

You will also find cool ice cream and dark chocolates. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, these spots are a must-visit. Most of these shops are conveniently situated in the downtown area, so it’s just a stroll for the closest sweet treat.

🚨Before you visit, check opening times and menus as they constantly change. This article was written after visiting McMinnville three times during fall and winter in 2023, and June 2024. Click on the location names to get directed to their websites for more information.

Here is my list of the Best Dessert Spots in McMinnville

1. Alchemist’s Jam

Alchemist's Jam counter with patries

Alchemist’s Jam is a popular local spot located in downtown McMinnville. They offer a wide selection of pastries and desserts, including sugar sprinkles and shortbread cookies, sweet and savory scones, sesame bagels, and sourdough focaccia to name a few. Arrive early as their homemade treats tend to sell out quickly. Alchemist’s Jam specializes in creating unique, small batch preserves that are bursting with local flavors. These preserves are perfect for your morning toast or pairing with their freshly made scones. You can also find their delicious treats and jams at the local farmer’s market every Thursday from May to October. Favorite: buckwheat espresso cookie and persimmon jam.

207 NE Ford St, McMinnville, OR 97128

2. Noah’s Bakery

Noah's bakery colorful pastry

Noah’s Bakery is a popular local bakery that is never without customers. Located in a downtown shopping mall, this bakery offers a selection of Mexican baked goods. From traditional cakes to pineapple and coconut turnovers, Guava with cheese empanadas, and a variety of croissant-like treats, there is something for everyone. There are also pastries with various fillings, allowing you to explore new flavors. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem in the community.

OR-99W, McMinnville, OR 97128

3. Velvet Monkey

Hidden in the basement of a charming boutique, this tea bar offers a unique and unexpected experience. You will enjoy imported teas and exquisite chocolates in this cozy, tucked-away setting. Perfect for tea lovers. Secret: you can also have bubble tea!

406 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

4. Blue Raven Pie and Co.

Home to some of the best pies in McMinnville, Blue Raven Pie and Co. offers a variety of sweet and savory options. Visit Tuesday to Saturday for a slice of homemade pie. Unfortunately, I missed it both times because I arrived either too early or too late! I have an excuse to go back soon.

1101 NE Alpine, McMinnville, OR 97128

4. Vadnay Chocolate Company

From bean to bar, Vadnay Chocolate Company offers both dark chocolate bars and truffles. The flourless lava brownie that’s a must-try for chocolate lovers. And if you are inspired to uncover your hidden pastry chef, take their chocolate-making class.

619 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

5. Serendipity Ice Cream

Located in McMinnville’s historic downtown, Serendipity Ice Cream is a local favorite. Owned by the Simpson Family, this spot is known for its welcoming vibe and delicious, creamy treats. Often you will find a line so join it and get that refreshing ice cream cone!

502 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

6. Harvest Fresh Grocery & Deli

A community staple, Harvest Fresh offers daily fresh cakes and pastries. This grocery store is the perfect place to grab a savory dish followed by a decadent slice of chocolate cake while chatting with the locals.

251 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

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At the Mac Market

A renovated historic warehouse, Mac Market is a collaborative space for eating, drinking, and shopping. It’s a community-driven venue that’s perfect for gathering with friends and family. Don’t miss shoppy shop Wellspent Market perfect for some unique items including Italian aperitivos and Spanish olive oil tortas. Bodhi Bakery and Half Pint Brothers are both located within.

1140 NE Alpine Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128

7. Bodhi Bakery McMinnville

Bodhi Bakery offers an impressive selection of breakfast pastries, including morning buns, orange pound cake muffins, twists, chocolate and ham & swiss croissants, cinnamon rolls, spinach and feta danishes, and freshly baked breads. Their cookie selection is exciting, featuring confetti, lemon crinkle, chocolate crinkle, ginger molasses, vegan tahini, and snickerdoodle. Below is a picture of the cookie that I got -a crunchy sesame tahini cookie!

sesame tahini cookie from Bodhi bakery

8. Half Pint Brothers

Half Pint Brothers Best dessert spots in McMinnville

The ice cream scoop truck was closed at 11 am. It only opens between 12pm to 7pm, so go and enjoy some creamy, cool treats. Flavors include Marionberry Lime Sorbet and Luna’s Lavender amongst others.

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Some well-known coffee shops that also serve as co-working spaces include Flag & Wire Coffee, Union Block Coffee, and the Baker St Cafe. You will find delicious cakes and cookies there too!

Did you visit any of these Desserts Spots? Capture a snapshot of your dessert from McMinnville and share it with us on Pinterest @wedesserts and tag #wedesserts on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to see it!