Mango Crème Brûlée

Mango Crème Brûlée

Mango Crème Brûlée can easily be described as the perfect blend of velvety cream and tropical mango sweetness topped with caramelized sugar. Do you need anything else? Crème Brûlée has the reputation to be difficult to make and often puts home bakers off. But you need to try it out. It requires a few ingredients that most

Clotted Cream in a jar with a spoon

Homemade clotted cream with milk

Homemade clotted cream with milk? We created an easy recipe that requires only milk. Only milk? Yes, indeed! But there is a caveat: the milk needs to be unpasteurized, also known as raw milk. It is an easy, straightforward process that does not require much from the baker or pastry chef. This recipe aims to achieve the

Sour cream in a jar

Creams: The ultimate guide

Among dairy products, cream is one of the most loved and useful ingredient with its smooth texture and creamy taste. Most nations use some kind of dairy ingredient in its kitchen every day, it is one of the basic material in human nutrition. Animal milk is the source of a lot of different type of dairy product

Clotted cream, a scone and jam

What is clotted cream and how to use it

What is clotted cream and how to use it is a common question for many. Clotted cream sits somewhere between double cream and butter with a butterfat content of 55%+ while double cream weighs in at 45% and butter at 80% . It has a heavy, smooth, spoonable consistency that many compare to mascarpone and is known