Get my favorite Dessert and Baking cookbooks

Satisfy your hidden pastry chef self with my favorite Dessert and Baking Cookbooks. This personally curated selection of cookbooks may not make the New York Times Best Seller List, but they are secret gems that will elevate your baking skills. From classic favorites to one-of-a-kind desserts, you will embark on a delicious, sweet adventure that will fulfill

Vegan Pastry Cream

Vegan Pastry Cream Recipe

Savor a luxurious, non-dairy vegan pastry cream with this easy-to make Vegan Pastry Cream recipe. It is both rich and creamy, making it an ideal filling for your sweet delights or simply enjoy it as a standalone sweet and satisfying snack. You will need plant-based milk and a vegan butter together with corn starch for thickening and

Mango Crème Brûlée

Mango Crème Brûlée

Mango Crème Brûlée can easily be described as the perfect blend of velvety cream and tropical mango sweetness topped with caramelized sugar. Do you need anything else? Crème Brûlée has the reputation to be difficult to make and often puts home bakers off. But you need to try it out. It requires a few ingredients that most

Three cups filled with Chocolate Mousse

Classic Chocolate Mousse

Making the classic chocolate mousse is not a job. It’s an addictive and indulgent task that you want not to end. Yes, mousse is French and it means foam. Yes, it is made with chocolate, eggs and cream. Yes, it is fattening. Yes, it is gluten and grain free. And you will love it. Velvety chocolate mousse

Colorful French Meringues

How to make French Meringue Cookies

Have you always wondered on how to make French Meringue Cookies but you felt intimidated? Don’t be. The French meringue is the most usual type of meringue that you can easily make. All you need is egg whites, sugar and some patience. The French Meringue Cookies recipe is a breeze if you follow the steps and useful