Get your Christmas sweet treats at the World Market

This year, get your Christmas sweet treats at the World Market. As you step into the World Market grocery store, you embark on a global journey through its aisles, discovering a delightful array of Christmas sweets, desserts, and treats that reflect the diverse and rich traditions of cultures around the world. Some of these sweet treats waiting to be unwrapped are the Neuberger Lübeck Marzipan, Walkers Mince Pies and Rich Fruit Pudding from England, Nyåkers Gingersnaps from Sweden, and the Italian delights of Rizzati Panettone spread and the Torinese Panettone to name a few!

Get your Christmas sweet treats at the World Market

Neuberger Lübeck Marzipan: A Masterpiece from Germany

Neuberger Lübeck Marzipan

Christmas in Germany is synonymous with marzipan, and Neuberger Lübeck Marzipan is a true testament to this sweet tradition. Originating from Lübeck, a city with a rich marzipan heritage, these delectable treats are crafted using the finest quality almonds. Neuberger Lübeck Marzipan is known for its smooth texture and rich, nutty flavor that captures the essence of the holiday season. Each bite is a journey into the heart of German Christmas festivities, making it a perfect treat to share with loved ones.

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Walkers Mince Pies and Rich Fruit Pudding: Taste the British Tradition

Walkers mince pies

No Christmas celebration is complete without the quintessentially British treats – Walkers Mince Pies and Rich Fruit Pudding. Walkers, a renowned Scottish bakery, has been perfecting these festive delights for generations. The Mince Pies are a medley of rich fruit, spices, and a buttery pastry shell, creating sweetness in every bite. The Rich Fruit Pudding, a dense and moist fruitcake, is a Christmas classic that everybody loves. Together, these treats bring the flavors of the British Isles to your holiday table.

Walkers Rich Fruit Pudding

Nyåkers Gingersnaps from Sweden: Crispy Delights with a Swedish Twist

Venturing into Sweden, Nyåkers Gingersnaps are a must-try treat during the holiday season. These thin, crispy cookies are delicately spiced with ginger and cinnamon, providing a perfect balance of sweetness and warmth. With each bite, you’ll experience the craftsmanship of a company that has been perfecting the art of baking since 1952. Nyåkers Gingersnaps are not just cookies; they reflect the Swedish holiday traditions.

Nyåkers Gingersnaps from Sweden

La Torinese Panettone: Italian Elegance in Orange and Cranberry Flavors

Torinese Panettone with orange and cranberry

No global Christmas sweet exploration would be complete without a taste of Italy, and La Torinese Panettone is the epitome of Italian elegance since 1932. The classic Panettone, a sweet bread dotted with candied fruits and raisins, is elevated to new heights with the addition of orange and cranberry flavors. The result is a blend of citrusy brightness and tart cranberry notes, creating a festive indulgent treat. La Torinese Panettone is a celebration of the Italian art of baking, offering a slice of la dolce vita during the holiday season.

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Rizzoti Panettone orange flavored spread

Rizzoti Panettone orange spread

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Enjoy the flavor of an Italian Christmas staple with this delectable Orange Panettone Spread that is so good you’ll be eating it by the spoonful. Or even better, on top of an aromatic slice of Panettone! And if this is not enough you can always find pleasure with the Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookie Snaps. Light and crispy with a subtle almond flavor, these versatile snap cookies can be enjoyed with ice cream or used to make tiramisu and other desserts. Better yet, straight out from the bag!

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In conclusion, the Christmas sweet treats at World Market bring a world of flavors to your festive table. From the marzipan delights of Germany to the spiced cookies of Scandinavia and the elegant Panettone of Italy, each treat tells a story of tradition and baking. So, as you explore the aisles of World Market, let your taste buds embark on a global adventure of Christmas traditions from around the world.