The 12 Most Essential Baking Tools Every Home Baker Needs

In this article, we will explore the 12 most essential baking tools every home baker needs. Without a doubt, baked goods and desserts are among the best highlights of the week or holidays. If you are looking for a unique kitchenware gift to yourself or the fool-proof formula for successful baking, keep reading. We will explore the most essential baking tools that you will need to bake everything: from a loaf of homemade bread and a favorite family cake to an old-fashioned grandma’s pie or a childhood sweet treat.

Have you ever wondered what kitchenware do you really need for your baking? For instance: What size baking pan do I need? How many mixing bowls should I buy? Trust me, baking isn’t difficult, it just requires close attention to details and good, reliable tools. Learn about popular baking tools to complete your cookware collection and impress your family and guests for the upcoming dinner party!  

The 12 most essential baking tools every home baker needs
The 12 most essential baking tools

Baking Pans

Many of us cut our teeth on family’s baking sheets and Bundt cake pans, whatever we have at hand. However, when you are going to bake your masterpiece, you should first pick the proper pan. There are many types of bakeware such as square pans, rectangle pans, muffin pans, loaf pans, tube pans, jelly roll pans, and so forth. Further, bakeware materials can have a considerable impact on the outcome of the final product. Aluminum bakeware does not rust; they heat up quickly and bake more evenly. Experts recommend baking in hard-anodized aluminum bakeware because an anodized finish is more durable, increasing the thickness of the material and preventing corrosion.

Glass ovenproof bakeware is safe to use, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to minimize the risk of damage and shattering.

Stone bakeware is known for its durability and versatility. This rustic bakeware distributes heat evenly so that your food looks as good as it tastes. Their nonstick surface makes cleanup a breeze, but make sure to avoid the dishwasher and use warm water, avoiding aggressive soaps.  Pro tip: avoid low-smoke oils, aerosol spray oil, or butter to brush the inside of your stone bakeware; otherwise, they can form a mucky residue on your pan, which is difficult to clean.

Nonstick baking pans are made of metal such as steel or aluminum with a non-stick coating applied to the inside of the pans. People around the world use these pans due to practical reasons – they are lightweight and inexpensive; they are useful for baking delicate foods that might otherwise stick to the bottom. On the other hand, there is controversy around those coatings that are made of synthetic chemicals. Fortunately, if you follow certain safety precautions, you can reduce the risk when using these pans.

In general, always use wooden or silicone utensils with nonstick pans, gently wash them by hand and throw damaged nonstick pans. Let your pan cool completely before washing, and use a kitchen towel to clean it quickly.

A few more useful tips: Lining pans with parchment paper, muffins liners, or a Silpat mat is a good way to prevent your favorite cake crust or muffins from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

We like the Cuisinart 6-Piece Classic Bakeware Set that is affordable, lightweight and gets the job done!

Rolling Pin

A traditional rolling pin is wooden and can be found in almost every kitchen. If you want to flatten your dough evenly, this simple kitchen utensil will do the job!   Silicone pins are increasingly popular as they are colorful and lightweight.

cookie cutters, whisk, roller pin and bakeware
What is your favorite?

Mostly popular during the holiday season, these cookies cutters are also used in baking when there are kiddos in the house. You can choose from various shapes and forms with animals being the favorite. When it comes to dessert decoration, these little things make a world of difference, turning baking into entertainment!


They come in a variety of sizes and have many uses, from mixing to serving and storing your food. When in doubt, buy large, roomy bowls; besides being super-useful for mixing, they come in handy for rising dough, so it can expand well. We like and recommend simple, sturdy sets in stainless steel, plastic or glass.

Our favorite is the KitchenAid Classic Mixing Bowls, Set of 3. Each set includes: 2-1/2 quart bowl, 3-1/2-quart bowl, and 4-1/2 quart bowl, all dishwasher safe. Sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean with an ergonomic design. Plus they come in different colors incuding Pistachio and Empire Red so you don’t have any excuse not to buy them.

Measuring Cups and Spoon Sets

If you do a lot of baking, measuring cups and spoons are must-haves for the best results. As you probably already know, cups and tablespoons are common cooking measurements. There are measuring cups and spoons that are intended for dry ingredients, and they come in different sizes – 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup. There are liquid measuring cups for liquids and semi-solids. The Simply Gourmet Measuring Cups and Spoons Set of 12 Stainless Steel for Cooking & Baking is not the cheapest but it is of high quality and will probably last for ever.

Kitchen Scale

This is an essential tool, especially useful when making complicated recipes. Just think about how many measuring spoons and cups you should use to measure ingredients for a large cake? The kitchen scale comes handy and provides an accurate way to meisure. Electronic kitchen scales are the best in that sense even if they may be sensitive. Decide on the amount of your product, put it on and within a second or two you have the weight in front of you. Commonly, kitchen scales can convert ounces to grams; the most advanced they also provide nutrition facts of the item weighed.

Our Favorite? The OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display is up for grabs. Once you get it in your kitchen, your baking and cooking life will never be the same again.


When it comes to convenience and speed, a mixer is a kitchen tool that is worth investing in. A hand mixer is one of the most popular cooking tools. On the other hand, a stand mixer can take your baking skills to a higher level. Thanks to various attachments, it can perform many tasks, from kneading and whipping to chopping and grating. While both a hand mixer and a stand mixer can beat and mix the ingredients, if you tend to maintain a lower temperature of your ingredients and keep a cake batter cool, it is much better to use a stand mixer’s paddle.

It is difficult to choose a mixer because they all do an awesome job. But we have a favorite, the Hamilton Beach Classic Stand and Hand Mixer.

Metal or Silicone Whisks

It can be used for many tasks such as mixing ingredients, beating eggs, and keeping sauces from getting lumpy. Therefore, a whisk is a must-have item in your kitchen. Do you prefer a metal or a silicone one?

Silicone whisks have become very popular and considered to be the ideal kitchen tool. Consider the following when you buy them:

💡 Pros and Cons of silicone whisks

  • They don’t react to anything and can be used anywhere, with any pan or pot.
  • They don’t scratch bowls, pots or pans
  • They are lightweight and easy to use
  • They are cooking-safe as silicone has higher resistance to temperatures and eco-friendly because they are simply not plastic!


  • They mix easily lighter ingredients but not so well the heavy ones
  • You need to use them for a longer time for the same results (you get from the metal whisk)
  • They can’t be used in high temperatures because they will succumb

This OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Silicone Whisk Set includes one 9-inch/22.8 cm and one 11-inch/28 cm balloon whisk.

  • Use the small one to scramble eggs, mix a roux, make a vinaigrette and more
  • Use the big one for mixing batters, whipping cream and more

Metal whisks come with stainless steel wires that feature solid and easy-to-clean handles. They are designed for heavy-duty whisking as for heavier items and ingredients, cream, sauces and even chemicals. They also have a longer life as they are built to last.

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This simple kitchen utensil comes in handy if you need to spread the batter evenly (for instance, when you bake a pie or cake crust) or frost the cake like a pro! Rubber spatula is a favorite as it is durable and flexible and can get every drop of the cookie dough out of the bowl like a breeze. Make sure that your spatula is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. You can go a step further and use it to stir as well.

The U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set has 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat Resistant and comes in six colors -Aqua Sky and Purple are our favorite.

Sieve Sifter

Also known as a strainer, it comes in handy when a recipe calls for dry ingredients that are prone to clumping. It includes flour, powdered sugar, or cocoa powder, especially if you want to bake a delicate and fluffy cake.

The Yellow Rabit Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainers Set of 3 is a popular choice and good for pretty much everything from flour and sugar to quinoa, pasta and tea.

Food Processor

During a hectic baking period, we often forget how indispensable a food processor is in our kitchen. Grinding nuts or making cauliflower rice is just the beginning of this amazing adventure. Depending on the model, a food processor allows you to chop, grind, purée, and slice almost all foods. Furthermore, you can beat eggs, knead the dough, and whip up creams.

We like this Hamilton Beach Food Processor that has more than 28,000 reviews on the popular site. This highly recommended, stainless steel processor is easy to use and clean, has 10 cups capacity, comes with a bowl scraper as an attachment and is also a chopper. It makes from almond butter to icecream! All in the price of $54.99.

Food Coloring Supplies

If you want to spread some magic with your desserts, you’ll need these tools to decorate your desserts. All bakers use the same ingredients in their work, but no piece is alike; food coloring can help you make your unique masterpiece in the kitchen! We like the plant-based version of food colorings for your health and that of your kiddos and avoid synthetic ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

The 365 By Whole Foods food coloring pack contains 4 bottles in red, yellow, green and blue and it will cost a little bit more than a dollar per bottle.

Other useful kitchen utensils include parchment paper, pasty brushes, kitchen torch, zester, dough scrapers, and so forth. They are very useful and take up very little space in kitchen cabinets. Whatever you do, make sure to purchase high-quality bakeware to keep you well-equipped as you indulge in your baking adventure.

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The 12 most essential baking tools every home baker needs

The checklist of the 12 most essential baking tools every home maker needs
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