The 7 Sedona dessert spots you should visit

This is a Red Rock in Sedona
Climb the Red Rock

If you go to Sedona, there are the 7 Sedona dessert spots you should visit. Yes, you probably go to Sedona for the Red Rocks, for the Vortex, one of the energetic earth chakras and to experience some woo-woo. But even if cake is not in your Sedona to-do list, you will need a sugar boost after exploring the amazing scene.

Here are the 7 Sedona dessert spots you should visit


Theia’s, the cozy coffee joint is hidden in Uptown Sedona. Once you are in, grab one of their signature iced coffees made with Train Coffee and  a pastry delivered from NY Bakery and Deli. The colorful space is often decorated with seasonal artworks. Better yet, the second-hand used books shelves may be a treasure for your book hunting. Sit, read and relax!

361 Cedar St, Sedona, AZ 86336 (no website available)


One of the 7 Sedona dessert spots you should visit
Sedonuts Lemon Drop and Let It Snow donuts

It is known as the Sedona’s early morning dessert sanctuary. Sedonuts will satisfy your sweet tooth by offering you the most one-of-a-kind donuts you have ever eaten. Chocolate Oreo, a cake donut topped with Oreo pieces and Oreo filling; locally inspired Glazed Red Rock; Lemon Drops; Let It Snow and the Vortex which is not technically a donut, rather a piece of a massive cake with cream. Get them asap as they go fast. Donuts sell out by 9-ish so if you arrive at 10 am you will only get one of the popular cold brews. So go early, they open at 6 am.

2370 AZ-89A #6, Sedona, AZ 86336

Cake Couture Coffee & Desserts

There is a photo with cactus cakes
Cactus Cakes in Sedona

The upscale dessert spot is located in Tlaquepaque, an arts and crafts village nestled under giant sycamore trees, trying to recreate the old Mexico in the design. You will find decadent desserts come in different flavors ranging from Sea Salt Caramel, and Vanilla Funfetti to Red Velvet cheesecake to Key Lime mini pies to name a few. Flourless cakes are also available for the paleo and keto dieters. Don’t miss the signature Cactus Cake, a flourless chocolate cake that looks like a cactus. The cakes do not come cheap and expect to pay up to $12 a piece. Don’t worry, take a photo and enjoy the experience.

336 AZ-179 A114, Sedona, AZ 86336

Black Cow Cafe

This is the coffee of the day
Try the Calfagato today

You can’t miss the Black Cow Café in Sedona’s Upper Town. Known for the best ice cream in town, the café also offers a selection of sweets and coffees to satisfy any tooth. Choose from favorite cookies like the oatmeal raisin or the chocolate chip-pecan cookie, or a slice of the popular double-crust apple pie. Pair with Calfagato, a cold brew with sweet cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

229 N State Rte. 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

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Karen’s Bakeshop Gluten Free

For the healthier dessert aficionado, Karen’s is the best. You will find a great selection of freshly handmade gluten free, paleo and vegan cookies, brownies and even bread. Try the vegan and gluten free Red Rock energy bites or the D-lites cookies line. The shop makes healthy sandwiches so you have no excuse not to visit. This is one of the Sedona dessert spots that is worth your visit if you want a healthier sugar boost.

2081 W State Route 89a, Ste. #6 Sedona, AZ   86336

Living Chocolate

Healthy Living Chocolate sign
Have a Healthy Living Chocolate chocolate in Sedona

Visit this tiny Sedona dessert spot if you want to have a sampler platter of cacao, Peruvian peanuts, honey sweet organic truffles, cacao energy bars, and an tea ice cream sandwich made with peanut butter cacao rice crisp cookies. Pair it with an iced cacao maple tea and you are all set. Their FB site says that they now make white chocolate vegan Matcha!

2055 W State Rte 89A Suite B, Sedona, AZ 86336


One of the 7 Sedona dessert spots you should visit is the ChocolaTree. This 100 percent organic, grain-free, non-GMO restaurant is a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike. If you like chocolate, ChocolaTree is a must. They produce handmade, artisan-crafted raw chocolates made with organic, stone-ground, fair-trade ingredients and using cocoa beans from Ecuador. Chocolates are sweetened with maple syrup or honey and contain sprouted nuts, berries & dried fruits to create unique Truffles and Magic Bars.

1595 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

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Sedona may not be known for its desserts but you will change your opinion if you visit the city. There are of course many more desserts spots than this list, so you have plenty of room to explore. Just share the new findings!